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 Olympic Coaching Methods Revealed!

3S offers unparalled on-line support services to coaches at all levels of competition. In addition, - since our group is the first to introduce this system to the marketplace, we can provide our services to you at an elite level of support. (Please check our off-line services).

Getting Started:

STEP 1 - Enroll and receive your 3S Site Coaching Membership

STEP 2 - Register at least one athlete

STEP 3 - Watch the results and Enjoy 3S Service

STEP 4 - Unleash the full power of 3S Tools, by joining our 3S Licensed Coaches

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The services of Super Sport Systems are designed to provide maximum support to coaches at any level in their everyday work.

Please check our proprietary tools and services at the demo cycle on the left side of this page.

Still not sure ? - Read what other coaches have to say about our services (Coaches Testimonials).

Ready? - Become a Member, Register your athletes and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increase your coaching efficiency during actual practices and training sessions and save time on quality planning and preparation;
  • Receive individualized workout planning tools, menus of pre-calculated exercises, and world leading strategy for achieving planned results by your athletes CONSISTENTLY !
  • Get easy access to sophisticated tools to monitor your athletes' progress, and have all the vital information about them at your finger tips and learn how to USE IT!
  • Enjoy a high level of success and build long term relationships with your athletes and other clients.
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