3S Coaching Service Plans: Pricing Structure

3S Coaching Membership fee:

In order to use our services you need to register as a coach first and then you can register your athletes. Our pricing model offers significant savings to coaches by offering very competitive fees to their registered athletes. There is an annual $50 coaching membership fee and coaches need to maintain their coaching account to be able to use our services.

Athlete’s Registration Fees:

Our services are designed to address each athlete’s individual needs and therefore it is preferable that each athlete is registered separately.

We have made every effort to ensure our services are affordable to coaches and continue to look for ways to reward coaches for their hard work. Prices have been lowered to allow room for additional income opportunities for coaches who use our services (Please check Athletes Registration fees below). Please contact us if you have any questions.

Elite professional international coaches (who train other coaches) designed the 3S Coaching Service Plans. We understand the challenges of the coaching profession and designed our services to provide you with the greatest benefit.

Please review the features of each plan before making your selection.


10-12 months 6-9 months 4-5 months 1-3 months
3S Signature Plan
Up to 5 $20.00 $22.50 $22.50 $25.00
Up to 10 $18.10 $20.59 $20.81 $23.13
Up to 15 $16.20 $18.63 $19.04 $21.39
Up to 20 $14.34 $16.68 $17.23 $19.79
Up to 25 $12.54 $14.76 $15.42 $18.30
3S Standard
Up to 5 $12.50 $15.00 $15.00 $17.50
Up to 10 $11.31 $13.73 $13.88 $16.19
Up to 15 $10.12 $12.42 $12.70 $14.97
Up to 20 $9.06 $11.12 $11.36 $13.85
Up to 25 $7.93 $9.84 $10.17 $12.81


Service packages

Today 3S offers two service packages: “Standard” and “Signature”

“3S Standard Plan” – The Standard Plan is a powerful coaching support and learning instrument for beginning and intermediate coaches. This plan contains all the necessary features for you to learn and advance in the coaching profession. The “Standard” coaching service is similar to the individual “Signature” plan and is least complex version of the service.

Daily and weekly training schedules are provided. You will be able to establish season goals, create annual plans and pass weekly / daily training schedules prepared by us to your clients or athletes.

You’ll have the benefit of a proven strategy for athletes, which guarantees the ultimate success of you and your athletes.

“3S Signature Plan” - The Signature plan is designed for coaches of all levels. It offers the most freedom, flexibility and access to our proprietary popular features. The distinctive difference of this plan is the ability to access the menu of additional exercises by type (“Distance”, “Interval” and “Repetitive”) or by Energy Zones.

You may create exercises on an individual basis by taking into consideration season progression on a weekly basis and add to any training day. This feature also allows you maximum flexibility for the construction of daily and weekly schedules. This service level includes other critical features such as:

  • Additional season planning tools
  • Monitoring tools
  • Parametric Training exercise calculator

All these features and much more are currently available off-line through the “TOP ™ Expert” software package.



3S Elite Services – The Elite Service is our most advanced coaching plan. It offers you the opportunity to partner with the 3S team and with limitless opportunity to take you to the top of coaching profession.

This plan requires your certification at 3S-sponsored training. You will discover how the 3S system was developed and will learn how to implement and apply every aspect of the 3S system to your coaching strategy.

3S also offers coaching education courses about our 3S proprietary off-line (Windows-based) Training Optimization Coaching Tool (TOP ™).

TOP is based on the latest and most effective theories of elite sports training. It was used for the preparation of over 30 Olympic medallists in endurance sports. Access to TOP and the ability to use it effectively provides coaches with a tremendous advantage over their competitors. In addition to proven effectiveness, TOP saves time and provides key information about aspects of sports preparation and the monitoring of your athlete’s progress. When supported with TOP, one can easily handle 50 or more athletes simultaneously without loosing the quality of individual planning and preparation. TOP is the pinnacle of the coaching profession and anyone who is not using it will soon find themselves at a disadvantage.

A coach may apply for a “3S Expert License” after attending a 3S seminar and scoring satisfactory on a special test. After acquiring the license, the coach becomes an individual service provider with full access to 3S coaching tools on-line and the ability to register his clients without limitations. Licensed coaches collect all fees from clients and pay 3S a small per user license fee. 3S is providing our certified coaches with a business opportunity and the ongoing support of a team of experts and educators.


* Two-Month Minimum Subscription Required

** One time set-up fee is imposed upon subscription

*** 3S Elite Individual services will be available starting January, 2003. The service will include personal support from 3S licensed coaches and additional monitoring and optimization tools.