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Stability, Mobilization and Self Control
(Psychological condition evaluation survey)

1 I do not like to practice when I am already tired
2 I like to participate in open ceremonies and other official events
3 I am capable to project my results in upcoming competition and/or start
4 I am capable to control lap times during competitions  
5 I am falling asleep fast night before the competitions
6 I prefer to do control test (distances) without opponents 
7 It happens, that sometimes I have concerns/fear to loose competitions to stronger opponents 
8 I feel very tired after competitions with longer than usual distances and/or time 
9 I am thinking about trauma and/or health conditions, which may prevent me from being successful in competitions
10 Sometime I can not sleep well after intensive training sessions
11 It happens that I may be late for training
12 I can easily regulate my breath before start
13 I am usually sweating before start, even if it is somewhat chilly outside
14 I am loosing a lot of weight after competitions
15 I can take extra risks during the competitions even if the possible outcome not always clear
16 False start may negatively influence my results
17 I do not like tpractice with a partner who is too strong and makes me uncomfortable
18 I am concern not to be late for the start
19 It happens that my stomach will give me trouble before start
20 I always check my heart-rate after large volume workout 
21 I can easily relax individual muscles and groups in any sequence before the start
22 I can easily concentrate my attention and readiness compete before start
23 Sometime I feel my hands shaking before the start
24 I like when my opponents show very high results
25 I can easily evaluate state of my health on the day of competition
26 When I am at the start, I anticipate and enjoy future sport battle
27 I can notice that my technique during the warm up before the start is somewhat worse than usual
28 I am thinking about my opponents and their behavior before the competitions
29 I like to compete against myself in order to establish personal best time
30 I pay attention on how my friends and family evaluates my results and efforts
31 I can achieve high results even if I am not in my best sport shape
32 I usually can control my technique during the competition with maximum intensity
33 Regardless of my preparedness I like to participate in competitions as often as possible
34 I do not like to execute same exercises when I am in a group 
35 Sometime I need to urinate right before the start
36 I feel that it is important to limit consumption of liquid 
37 I do like to participate in competitions when competitors are not equal on qualification 
38 I can correct my technical mistakes during the warm up before the start
39 I usually can control referees' actions during the competitions
40 My heart rate is usual before the start
41 Regardless of my present condition I am capable of improving results from preliminary to final starts
42 I am thinking about tactical actions prior to start
43 I believe that my ability to concentrate before the start is not sufficient enough 
44 Sometime my lips are dry before the start
45 It happens, that I can not sleep well night before the start 
46 I am always in control of time during my training distances
47 I enjoy maximum effort mobilization at the finish of competitions
48 I am thinking a lot of how my success at a competitions may influence my financial situation
49 My appetite pattern is changing before the competitions
50 I can calm down and even reduce my heart rate before the start
51 Regardless of speed at the beginning of the distance, I am capable of achieving even higher speed at second half
52 I am usually thinking about the competitions a day before 
53 Sometime I take tranquilizers prior to important competitions
54 I do not always follow coach's recommendation if I feel that it does not make sense
55 I can control my ability to fall asleep
56 Big crowds during competitions may negatively influence my performance
57 I do not like to participate in competitions when their level is low or not important
58 I do not always feel the moment when I am overexcited 
59 I get irritated when referees are wrong
60 My heart rate is higher than usual before the start
61 I get up earlier on the day of important competitions
62 I may have a bad start if I am distracted
63 I prefer to work on my technical skills alone
64 I can easily change my tactical plan during the course of competition
65 I can easily think about unrelated things day before an important competitions
66 I have a tendency to be overaggressive during the competitions
67 I can continue execute training exercise when I am tired, even if I do not like the work
68 I can calm down before the start if it is necessary
69 I can refuse to gain revenge if it is a better strategy
70 I can regulate the physiological function of my body
71 Sometimes, after a bad start I have a desire to quit my sport
72 I prefer to be a leader in the team (last person to run/swim relay)
73 I can be successful during the competition even if my uniform or equipment is not functioning well
74 I like to compete at any distance length
75 I do not pay attention to problems between my teammates before the start
76 I usually observe what opponents do during the warm up
77 I am easily irritated by critique from my teammates prior to start
78 I am always observing outside temperature, water temperature or track condition before the start
79 I am paying special attention to my food on a day of competition
80 Regardless of intensity of competition I am always in control of ratio between my tempo (cadence) and speed
81 Sometime I am using a self control training methods before the start
82 I prefer action movies over the sport programs on TV
83 I can not produce strong results unless I am challenged by a strong opponent
84 I prefer to appear at competition site among the first, and start my warm-up earlier then my opponents
85 I believe in signs before the competitions
86 I prefer "watching" tactics during the competitions
87 I am not easily irritated
88 Usually I feel uplifted and in good mood prior the competitions
89 I despise sportsmen who are nervous and look unconfident before the start
90 I do not like workouts with a lot of maximum efforts and constant challenge

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